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"Prom Girls - A Northern American Rite of Passage"

Feel free to read excerpts of the book which addresses today's youth along with the challenges, joys and tribulations during the final year of high school.
Written in a modern, relaxed  language designed to bring Prom into the 21st Century while enticing both memories and anticipation to all who read the stories. 

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"Lesley possesses a natural ability to communicate events,emotions and her true meaning through colour composition and her own unique style of complex artwork. The stories are just as easily told through her art as through her words"

Artist: Adrianne Aranyos Sherwin,

Societe Canadienne de Aquarelle  (CSA)

"Lesley has written a book that is all inclusive. This is a book of both education and inspiration." Maggie Pagratis,


"This was a great read that brought back alot of memories."
Cindy Smith,

Enjoy reading for now....   

Oh!  and visit Prom Girls Art to view a complete library of illustrations contained in the book... Every picture has a story!

Sincerely,  Lesley Fletcher

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